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Tonal Figure Drawing with Richard Morris

Date: Friday June 5, 2020 - Sunday June 7, 2020
Time: 10am-5:00pm, 1 hour lunch break
Cost: $480 Early bird price, $500 after Jan. 31 (Please email for early bird price)

Installment option available upon request.

Over the course of 3 days, students will work from the life-model for 6 hrs per day.  This intensive workshop will feature a single pose throughout. 

Students will be guided through the figure drawing process in a series of steps, ultimately leading to a finished drawing.  Dynamic composition and a coherent value structure are key to a successful figure drawing.  Students will begin the course with a series of value/comp thumbnail studies in order to develop a conceptual strategy for their final drawing.  Through the use of comparative measurement techniques, students will learn how to achieve accuracy in proportion. The fundamental concepts of gesture and construction will be discussed as a means of achieving a sense of vitality and form. Anatomy will be addressed relative to the specifics of the pose. Emphasis will be placed upon the interaction between general and specific anatomical forms and how to organize them into a coherent structure. The principles of light and form will be taught as a means of achieving a pictorial naturalism. The properties of light will be discussed as a tool for describing volume/form, and to create a sense of spatial atmosphere and mood. Slide lectures and discussions will introduce the students to larger concepts utilizing both contemporary and historical models. The instructor will draw along with the students as well as give each student one on one critique throughout the process.


- Charcoal Pencils: 2B, 4B, 6B Recommended Brand: General’s

- Willow Charcoal or Vine Extra Soft Charcoal

- 1 Large Kneaded Eraser

- 2 Faber-Castell Perfection Fine Point Eraser Pencil #7056 (Pink Tip)

- Blending Stumps

- Craft Bristle Brushes

- Arches Watercolor Paper 22” x 30” 140lb sheet


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