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Sketchbook Workshop – Exploring Possibilities with Nicolas Uribe

Date: Friday - Tuesday Nov. 1st-5th
Time: 10-1pm, 2-5pm, 1 hour lunch break
Cost: $780 Early bird price, $825 after May 1st ($10 off if paid with check/Venmo/Paypal)

Installment option available upon request.

The sketchbook can be understood as a space that can be utilized to promote the exploration and development of diverse possibilities that present themselves to us while reflecting upon the act of representation. In this workshop, we will work on the design and elaboration of both drawings and paintings, working from sketches to final paintings. We will work on the relationship between the figure and the space it occupies, together with portraits, emphasizing the ability to magnify the interconnection between shapes and color.


 ·      Two sketchbooks, no smaller than 5”x8” and no larger than A4, preferably with thick paper. Moleskine Sketchbooks (165g/m2 – 111lb) are suggested, but not obligatory.

·      Transparent acrylic binder (transparent gesso)

·      Color pencils, or watercolor pencils.

·      Oil paints (any brand): Titanium white, lemon yellow, yellow ochre, cadmium red, alizarin, ultramarine blue, cobalt blue and raw umber.

·      Medium: Liquin or any other alkyd medium.

·      Small synthetic flat brushes (sizes 10 to 2), and both hard and soft natural brushes, varied shapes and sizes.

·      Palette

·      Rags or paper towels



Day 1

·      Sketches and final drawing: We will work on the four drawings of the four separate images that we will paint during the week. We will also prime the paper for painting.

Day 2

·      Underpaintings: We will do a thinned down umber underpainting for all four paintings.

Day 3

·      We will work on two separate color studies for each image. In total, we will do 8 separate color sketches.  

Day 4

·      We will paint the first two paintings (approx. 3 hrs. each).

Day 5

·      We will paint the third and fourth painting (approx. 3 hrs. each).

Acceptable Payments:

Check for $770.00 made out to: 
Liv and Chiu art studio
1355 4th Street, 2nd Floor, 8A
Berkeley, CA 94710
Venmo $770.00 to @livandchiuartstudio
PayPal $770.00 to

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