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Inspire - Illustration Drawing and Observation Workshop with Viktor Kalvachev

Date: Friday - Sunday, July 26th, 27th & 28th
Time: 10-1pm, 2-5pm, 1 hour lunch break
Cost: $500.00 ($5 off if paid with check/Venmo/Paypal)

The goal is for people to come out of this workshop understanding a new pencil cross-hatching technique and how to go about it + learning a new observation technique Viktor picked up from a professor of Criminology who used to teach  facial recognition techniques at the Bulgarian Police Academy at the time. 

Day one - pencil techniques

10 - 11 - Intro and demo

11 - 12 - a quick pencil exercise warm up that everyone joins and discuss the results. 

12 - 13 - lunch

13 - 16 - drawing demo, Viktor will use a lot of the exercise techniques taught in the morning and show you how they translate to an actual drawing. 

16 - 17 - More drawing exercise, but now everyone knows the concept and can put things in perspective. Usually students make a huge leap in understanding pencils and hatching

Day two - observation techniques

10 - 11- talk about how to observe people, share stories

11 - 12 - lunch  

13 - 17 - breaking down the visuals of a stranger and a system to remember things. More drawing demos and exercises. Some homework will be given.

Day three - drawing from memory and training to observe

10 - 10:30 - Share stories of who saw what etc.

10:30 - 12 - Everyone draws from memory a person they observed. Viktor will provide critiques and give advice as needed. 

12 - 13 - lunch

13 - 17 - more drawing exercise with emphasis on observation. We use the drawings not only to train observation, but to pay attention to technique, lighting, volume and most importantly - character. 

Acceptable Payments:

Check for $495.00 made out to: 
Liv and Chiu art studio
1355 4th Street, 2nd Floor, 8A
Berkeley, CA 94710
Venmo $495.00 to @livandchiuartstudio
PayPal $495 to PayPal.Me/livandchiuartstudio