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Contemporary Creative Methods

Date: Saturday, Dec. 1st & Sunday, Dec. 2nd
Time: 9am-3pm, with 1 hour lunch break
Cost: $325.00, ($5 off if paid with check/PayPal/Venmo, please email

This workshop course will be about the studio processes to creative critical thinking. The goal of the class is trying to open a path for students to embrace their unique points of view while still applying a technical standard in craftsmanship and execution. This will be geared towards artists who have a desire to refine their creative voice and broaden their visual understanding of subject matter, color, and texture. Over the two days Daniel Segrove will be going over ways to understand the approaches to creating a series or body of work that can then be applied on a professional level. These exercises will allow students to apply it towards any style they may be interested in; so they can have the creative freedom to personalize their own visual vocabulary.

Drawing Paper (Recommended Strathmore 400 Series Drawing Pad)
Mechanical Pencil HB & 2B
Charcoal Pencil 2B & 4B
Compressed Charcoal Sticks
Kneaded Eraser
Acrylic Paints (Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, White)
Acrylic Brushes

Rough break down of the day:

9:00-10:30 Course Lecture
10:30-11:00 Instructor Demo
11:00-12:00 Students working
12:00-1:00pm Lunch
1:00-1:30 2nd Instructor Demo
1:30-2:30 Students working
2:30-3:00 Recap Days Lesson/Wrapping up class


Acceptable Payments:

Check for $325 made out to: 
Liv and Chiu art studio
1355 4th Street, 2nd Floor, 8A
Berkeley, CA 94710
Venmo to @livandchiuartstudio
PayPal to PayPal.Me/livandchiuartstudio

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