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Figure Painting with Jacob Hankinson

Date: Saturday - Sunday, April 6th and 7th
Time: 10-1pm, 2-5pm, 1 hour lunch break
Cost: $350.00 ($5 off if paid with check/Venmo/Paypal)

Learn how to paint the human form in this 2-day workshop focusing on the fundamentals of figure painting. Students will learn how to effectively paint alla prima, or wet-on-wet, from initial block-in to final rendering. Color mixing, brush handling, and paint application will be covered. Instruction includes demos, lectures, and individual critiques. All levels welcome!

Acceptable Payments:

Check for $345.00 made out to: 
Liv and Chiu art studio
1355 4th Street, 2nd Floor, 8A
Berkeley, CA 94710
Venmo $345.00 to @livandchiuartstudio
PayPal $345 to PayPal.Me/livandchiuartstudio

Supply List

  • Brushes (flat or filbert are recommended, but you may use any variety of tip)

    • 2 bristle brushes, size 4 or 5

    • 1 bristle brush, size 6

    • 1 – 2 bristle brushes, size 2

    • 1 fan brush, bristle

    • 1 taklon brush, size 4 - 5

    • 1 large bristle brush

  • Canvas

    • 1 – 3 canvas or linen boards, no smaller than 11” x 14” and no larger than 18” x 24”

    • You may also use stretched canvas, canvas pads, or wooden panels


  • Paint

    • Titanium white or titanium/zinc white mix

    • Cadmium Yellow Light or Hansa Yellow Light

    • Yellow Ochre

    • Cadmium Orange or Cadmium Orange Hue

    • Cadmium Red Light or Cadmium Red Light Hue

    • Alizarin Crimson or Permanent Rose

    • Cerulean Blue

    • Ultramarine Blue

    • Violet Grey or Dioxazine Purple

    • Burnt Umber

    • Optional colors: Viridian, Olive Green, Burnt Sienna, Raw Umber


  • Other supplies

    • Palette or palette paper

    • Palette knife

    • Gamsol/Turpenoid or other odorless mineral spirits

    • Metal brush washer or glass jar for holding mineral spirits

    • Paper towels